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Video: Why To Choose A MOPAR Re-Manufactured Engine

Video: Why To Choose A MOPAR Re-Manufactured Engine

MOPAR purchased a non-MOPAR re-manufactured engine – the results were devastating

We all have been there. We are having an issue on our car.  Maybe a knocking sound, maybe loss of power or even some occurring engine leaks. The next step is not avoidable. You bring your car to a MOPAR certified Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram Dealership and your “suffering” car is getting a diagnostic check-up.

Engine needs to be replaced

Bad news. Your car needs a new engine. You are asking yourself: “What should I do?” – The estimated costs for replacing the engine are coming back from your FCA service advisor. You have two options she tells you. You can go for a brand new engine (the more likely pricier option) or you can option for an original MOPAR re-manufactured engine (the more affordable solution) to get your vehicle running again. Then you recall having seen an ad from a huge national Aftermarket parts store chain…didn’t they have a sale on re-manufactured engines? Even so for my particular MOPAR model I am driving?

Let me think about it

Yes, thank you…let me think about it“, is your answer to your service advisor. You want to check out the “specials” at this auto parts store. And they even ship it to “Mike’s Garage Hut” for free.  This must be a great deal – don’t you think?

Think again

MOPAR and it’s master certified technician went ahead and tested exactly this scenario. They went to a national auto parts chain, ordered a 4.7-liter re-manufactured engine and put it together with an original 4.7L  MOPAR re-manufactured engine with genuine MOPAR replacement parts on a 625-hours of  a general durability DYNO test. The outcome was catastrophic for one of the engine. Because pictures, in this case the video below, are speaking louder than words take 3.5 minutes of your time and check out the results.

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