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Who is VJ?

VJ is Volker Jaeckel

Who is VJ - VJ Drives Tacoma

     VJ a.k.a. Volker Jaeckel

VJ or in legal terms “Volker Jaeckel” came in 2001 from Germany to the United States. He decided shortly after September 11th to join a German Car selling dealership in Okemos, Michigan. Because he had no idea how actually cars being sold in the U.S. he approached the dealership Principle Wayne Williams in his forceful manner irresistible German accent “Mr. Williams, I believe it makes sense to have a German guy with a real German accent selling your German cars.

Long story short, he was hired, sold in his first year Porsche, Mercedes Benz and BMW’s, made it into the Top-20 “Client Satisfaction Sales Professionals” for BMW from NY to WI and the rest is history.


A Great Career in the Car Business

He made out of a “job” a great career, focused more and more on the Marketing aspect of the business, created digital marketing strategies throughout the last 14 years him being in the U.S., was invited speaker for those marketing topics, made it onto the cover of the Digital Dealer Magazine as featured story, wrote and published the book “The Digital Dealership”, which is selling in the U.S., United Kingdom and Germany and now finally assists a dealer group in the State of Washington with their online exposure and digital footprint.

Blogging out of Passion

The idea of this blog “VJ Drives Tacoma” was born out of passion for the automotive industry and the love for automobiles. VJ wants to show in each of his upcoming posts things about cars SUV’s and Trucks on how a typical driver, family men and/or commuter would review a car. This blog will not show you the 0-60 mph times, will not let you know if he cracked the time record in a 1/2 mile race or how many feet of breaking distance being needed but foremost will show you how versatile each of the driven cars and trucks in a daily life are.

So expect babies being put into the rear seats of a 2015 Jeep Renegade, Teens showing the ease (or not) of getting into a 2-door coupe back-seat like a 2015 Dodge Challenger, or fitting numerous grocery bags into the 2015 Nissan Juke…all cars being currently in the new car inventory of Tacoma Nissan, FIAT and Alfa Romeo of Tacoma and at Tacoma Dodge, including the brands Jeep, Chrysler, Ram and SRT will be driven and tested by VJ. He is indeed a car nut and possibly being considered car crazy, when you look at the fact that he had owned more than 40 cars in the last 14 years.

As you can see a different approach to find out about a vehicle. An approach which is more likely a daily live, love and drive of our favorite toys – The Automobile.


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