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2016 FIAT 500x test drive review Tacoma

2016 FIAT 500x test drive review Tacoma

2016 FIAT 500x in Tacoma…Forget the test drive just for a second…

and rather day dream just for a tiny bit. When you ever have been to Italy, no matter if Rome, Vicente or Milan you’d probably noticed a few things during your trip which you are still reminded of today. There is the beautiful, historic architecture, the small and tiny street cafe’s where you love to sat in and sip on your Espresso, the beautiful women roaming through the piazzas, candy colored Vespa Scooters battling the never slowing down traffic and cars, with most of them being FIAT 500‘s honking their horns like it is a grand opening of a Guiseppe Verdi opera. I know I loved it every time when I was in Italy, for business and leisure, and I guess the Italians love this ambiance the same as I do, so they must have made the decision to bring something more of their culture over to America and reliving the Viva La Dolce Vita or “Living the Sweet Life”.

No I am not talking about Pizza, Cannelloni or Tempranillo but more likely about FIAT and Alfa Romeo

With the arrival of theFiat of Tacoma serving customers aroound Seattle, Kirkland and Tacoma Fiat 500 here in the U.S. and the state of Washington a few years back a lot have happened. Next to the FIAT 500 version, new ones came along. The FIAT 500 Abarth, Fiat 500L, Fiat 500 Convertible and now since a few months the all-new 2016 FIAT 500x 4-door all-wheel drive Crossover / SUV, which I got this time from my friends of Washington’s #1 FIAT Studio in the Northwest – Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Tacoma, WA.

There she is Fiat 500x – black on black and some red accents which made falling into “Amore” easy

Struck with the beauty of this car, I almost didn’t want to get into the cabin. I just stood there and was eyeing her…360 walk around left and back and back again. This car is beautiful an d iconic. It looks strong but dazzling, worldly but necking – telling me “get in and drive…what are you waiting for?”

So Fiat 500X Trekking at Fiat and Alfa Romeo of TacomaI bravely opened the door and the inhaled the smell of fine, rich leather worked onto the 8-way power seats with 4-way lumbar support. As an accent FIAT must have hired an interior designer taking care of the nicely done and upscale feeling color accents, which is also showing here in the pic. Bellissima!

Buttons, switches, dials and everything else required to push, twist or pull by it’s operator a.k.a. driver is fantastically laid out and well in reach. Ergonomics to its Best. The included Navigation / XM Satellite HD radio unit is operating via touchscreen – that is how we like it.

Signora 500x…you are growing on me by the minute. I love what I see, and I love what I feel sitting behind the steering wheel.

VIDEO: Now how does the Crossover FIAT holds up on the road?

This is what I drove:

  • 2016 FIAT 500x Lounge AWD in nero black
  • 2.4-liter I4 Multi Air Engine w/ 9-speed automatic
  • Auto A/C w/ Dual Zone Control
  • Heated front seats and steering wheel
  • 18″ x 7″ Aluminum Wheels w/ 215/55R 18 all season tires
  • blind spot and cross path detection
  • dual pane power sunroof
  • rear park assist system with rear back-up camera
  • remote start

“VJ Approved” Rating: 4.5 out of 5

VJ Approved 2016 FIAT 500x from FIAT of Tacoma

Room for improvements:

Not really a lot in my eyes. The first couple gears of the 9-speed automatic transmission need to be smoother when shifting, and creating a split rear-folding bench as a 40-20-40 unit instead the current 40/60 would make up a couple more plus points in my ratings.

Thank you all for taking a look at my blog VJ Drives Tacoma. Give this FIAT 500x AWD a try please and test-drive it.



For more information you could always get in touch with me via my “contact me” section here or just visit the dealer website of Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Tacoma, a New and Used Car Dealership for drivers in Tacoma and around Kirkland, WA.

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