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2015 Nissan Juke AWD Nismo edt

2015 Nissan Juke AWD Nismo edt

The 2015 Nismo Juke AWD Nismo doesn’t disappoint

2015 Nissan Juke AWD Nismo edt in TacomaConsidering a lot of people always talking about the stereotypical “Love at the first sight” there is something indeed about the other term, speaking of “Love at the second sight”, especially when you see the first time the Nissan Juke. I have to admit, the first time this small crossover, mainstream subcompact vehicle entered the arena, I literally spoke out loud “What the Hell”. This “thing” is standing out in the traffic crowd like your are in a black suit during an “all-white” Toga party.

This Juke is edgy and provocative. Huge Halogen front light. Sharp edgy, muscular lines and creases all around the body. Sharp angled combination of lights and lenses in the front and rear, all inspired by the 370Z. Hidden rear door handle disguised as black trim in the C-pillar make the Juke look like a 2-door sport crossover, and, and….well I guess, just look at the pictures and video and you see what I am talking about.

As time went on spending some “quality time” with the Juke, I felt like this moment I spoke in the beginning of my post. The Love between me and “her” grew on the second sight. Sitting in this crossover, here the Nismo edition made me feel comfy and eager to press the Ignition button and see what it is all about driving a small all-wheel drive sport crossover. The rally inspired interior features, like the orange/red glow in the dashboard and its dials, the partially leather and kind of suede (Alcantara) fabric steering wheel with its pedal shifters, sport bucket seats with form side bolsters keeping you in the seats when sharp cornering – all these features and more finally made me push the ignition.

Don’t forget the Sport button

At first, I have to admit, I was underwhelmed by the “normal” drive mode performance. Knowing that this car has 188 horsepower with a a great amount of torque checking in a 177 lb-ft, it should be be shifting much more aggressive than what I experienced. Lucky me I “found” the SPORT driving mode button. Pressing this little electronic device makes immediately up my wrong first impression (you see, once again, love at first sight does not always tell the truth). You feel instantly the stiffing up of the steering wheel, which by the way lays fantastically in the hands. The gear shift points are much quicker and responsive when pressing the pedal to the metal, and as soon as you rev up 3000 rpm’s…let me tell you, here is the secret hidden and where the fun begins.

I suggest, you need to head out to the Nissan dealership and take this Nissan Juke AWD Nismo edt. for a spin, and I almost can guarantee that you might come home with it and put it in your drive way. It is FUN!!

VIDEO: Test Drive Review Part 1

VIDEO: Test Drive Review Part 2

What did I drive?

2015 Nissan Juke AWD Nismo edt.

  • NissanConnect℠ with Navigation and Mobile Apps including 5.8″ color touch-screen monitor and Voice Recognition for audio and navigation
  • SiriusXM® Traffic and Travel Link®
  • Hands-free text messaging assistant
  • Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection
  • Rockford Fosgate® ecoPUNCH™ audio system with 8-inch subwoofer and amplifier
  • Six upgraded speakers
  • Armrest
  • Rear Roof Spoiler
  • NISMO® aerodynamic body kit
  • NISMO®-tuned suspension
  • 18″ aluminum-alloy wheels with summer tires

Conclusion and Rating

All in all, a great small car fitting the lifestyle of today’s Gen Y’s and younger Gen X’s. Now me being a Baby Boomer, I still enjoyed this car as well. The only thing I did not like are actually pretty easy fixes Nissan could solve in no time, which would be:

  • using of softer materials for dashboard, A-, B- and C-pillars, door panels and middle console
  • self-dimming inside mirror
  • roof liner in a more upgraded finish, may be taking the suede-like fabric (Alcantara) from the steering wheel
  • Lumbar support
  • Power Seats

I also think that the classification as a 5-seater small sport crossover is a little bit too much of a promise. As you can see in my Video conclusion, Part 1 – there would be no room for 5 dudes driving to a Football Tailgate party. The rear is just too small and narrow. The sloping roof line would also be a hassle for anyone taller than 6′ tall sitting in the back.

VJ Approved

This Juke Nismo is fun. With a switch-on/switch-off engaging AWD (all-wheel drive) button, pushed sport button, this crossover is cornering like a go-cart or a train on rails. Precise steering, no torque steer whatsoever when accelerating aggressively, perfect tuned suspension…Fun, fun, fun! When Nissan USA would be able to fix the minor issue described in my Conclusion and Rating section this Juke is good for “Sign Me UP” and “5-star VJ Approved” – as it is now at this point “just” a “4-star VJ-Approved – Love It”.

The 2015 Nissan Juke AWD Nismo edt in Tacoma, Washington

Thank you all again for tuning into my channel on YouTube and visiting my blog here. For any further questions on the 2015 Nissan Juke please feel free to contact my friends at Tacoma Nissan here in Tacoma, Washington.


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