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Is the FIAT 124 and Alfa Romeo Spider coming back?

Is the FIAT 124 and Alfa Romeo Spider coming back?

Retro FIAT 124 Spider and Alfa Romeo Spider

The German Car Magazine AUTOBILD released late August 2015 in the section “Erlkönig” (Erl-King) some renderings which did enthuse the FIAT and Alfa Romeo fans all over the world. Be aware those renderings are suggestive and not 100% spot on if the cars will ever look like this but they are most likely very, very close to the truth.

The model year will be most likely 2017. That these models will come to Europe is almost guaranteed. Will FIAT and Alfa Romeo plan to bring the convertibles also to the United States?  A lot of factors will play into that decision FCA has to make, paired with EPA Regulations and NHTSA stipulations. I surely hope so because I just don’t have the money to jump in the current 2016 Alfa Romeo C4 Spider which price starting at currently $63,900 MSRP.

FIAT 124 Spider (rendering)

Retro FIAT 124 Spider and Alfa Romeo Spider - VJ Drives Tacoma

In the time I am writing the first paragraph here, the new are actually out that an undisguised prototype of the FIAT 124 Spider was caught. The photographer Brian Williams was able to catch some footage, even so when a bit grainy and blurry – the picture show a bit of the Mazda/FIAT collaborations for sure:

Alfa Romeo Spider Brera (rendering)

Alfa Romeo Spider VJ Drives Tacoma

FIAT is in need of a true convertible again.

When the Turin Car Manufacturer introduces in 1966 a 2+2 seating version, the FIAT 124 Spider customers were streaming to the showrooms to see, experience and purchase this iconic beauty. The FIAT 124 Spider went on sale in the U.S. 1968. During the years a transition took place and out of the 124 Spider the FIAT 2000 Spider was born in 1979 and lasted until 1982.

I hope you are enjoying the pictures, and in case you are having more questions on the current Alfa Romeo C4 Coupe or Spider, my friends at FIAT & Alfa Romeo of Tacoma will be able to assist you with any concerns.

photo rendering source: AUTOBILD
live photo footage: Brian Williams
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